Standard Services

The services that InspectDetect provide are followed by a detailed report regarding how your home was assessed. 

Building Inspections

Inspections are carried out according to a minimum standard of AS 4349.1 and include defect dilapadation reports and can be conducted at pre-purchase 
and pre-sale.

Exterior areas inspected are:

  • house footings and stumps
  • fencing 
  • brickwork
  • windows
  • roof construction and covering 

Interior areas inspected are:

  • walls and ceiling 
  • sub-floor areas 
  • bathrooms and taps
  • doors and light switches 

Pest Inspections

Inspections are carried out to meet a minimum standard of AS 4349.3 and detection for timber pests such as Borers, fungi and termites are conducted.
Areas inspected around the house are: 

  • house stumps
  • walls and ceilings
  • floor construction
  • architraves, skirting boards and balustrades 
  • anywhere in your yard containing timber ie. fencing 

Additional Services

 Contact us for either a building and pest inspection today.